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EMEC EXPO est un événement dédié à la transformation digitale, consacré à l’e-marketing, l’e-commerce, l’hébergement & cloud, l’internet mobile, les réseaux sociaux, internet des objets et technologie.

La 4ème édition du Salon EMEC EXPO se tiendra conjointement avec le Salon BIG DATA & AI les 10 et 11 Mai 2024 à l’Hôtel Hyatt Regency Casablanca

What Lies Ahead? E-commerce Trends to watch in 2024

The e-commerce landscape is in constant flux, and the trends of 2024 are no exception. This year, we can anticipate a continued surge in mobile commerce, an increased emphasis on personalization and customer experience, and the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Here are some of the key e-commerce trends in 2024:

1. Growth of Mobile Commerce:

Mobile commerce continues to expand at an exponential rate. By 2024, it is expected that over 50% of online sales will be conducted on mobile devices. Therefore, businesses must ensure that their website and mobile application are optimized for an optimal user experience.

2. Importance of Personalization:

Consumers are increasingly expecting personalized experiences. Businesses that can provide personalized product recommendations, offers, and content will be able to stand out from the competition.

3. Customer Experience:

Customer experience is more critical than ever. Companies need to strive to offer exceptional customer service, from website navigation to the payment process.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in e-commerce. AI can be used to automate tasks, personalize customer experiences, and enhance decision-making processes.

5. Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology that enables users to visualize products in 3D within their real environment. AR can be utilized to enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

In conclusion, the e-commerce trends in 2024 will revolve around convenience, personalization, and customer experience. Businesses that adapt to these trends will be better positioned for success.

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