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Exhibit and experience the advantages and gaining of:

Customers Collaborations Brand awareness |

EMEC EXPO is the ideal opportunity to accelerate your business and the promising place to promote your solutions, your services and your know-how.

EMEC EXPO is also offering the opportunity to forge new strategic partnerships, meet your future customers and strengthen your institutional communication.

#EMECEXPO The fastest growing E-Marketing, E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing event

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One event, many opportunities

We assist you in achieving a prosperous presence at the event and attaining optimal outcomes for your company.

Why exhibit

Taking part in Africa’s largest e-commerce and digital marketing event exhibition makes you and your company essential contributors to the industry’s evolution.

New contacts

By joining the event, you have the opportunity to connect with new potential customers and maintain contact with your existing customers and partners.

Increase your market share

Engaging in the EMEC EXPO will empower you to bolster your market presence and boost your sales through fresh projects and new collaborations.


Your participation in the event positions your company as one of the industry leaders.

Get involved

During the three-day event, you can connect with new customers, establish a vibrant industry presence, forge new partnerships, and gather feedback from the public regarding your new products and services.

Exhibitor benefits

To ensure a thriving presence at the EMEC EXPO, companies have a plethora of options to select from, allowing them to maximize their exhibition participation.


Sponsors of EMEC EXPO can expect heightened visibility within the exhibition and communication channels, benefiting from the diverse opportunities offered by their sponsorship privileges.

Parallel Events - Workshops

The event provides the opportunity to sponsor parallel events tailored to your target audience and to host corporate or product presentations and workshops.

Onsite Promotion

The event presents the opportunity to include promotional materials in conference bags and distribute marketing materials during the reception, among other options.

Business Meetings

The EMEC EXPO provides an exceptional opportunity for business meals and meetings with executives and partners, particularly those visiting from abroad.


Take part in the exhibition

EMEC EXPO offers an excellent platform to boost your business and an encouraging space to showcase your solutions, services, and expertise.

Engage in a vibrant event filled with abundant opportunities to advance your business to new heights.


Strenghten the image of your company, present your products or services, ..


Accelerate your sales, reach the right target, create productive relationships and optimize your time, ...


Meet and interact with professionals who share your vision, establish new connections, find your future partners, ...


Discover new trends and the opinions of experts, strengthen your competitive advantages, ..