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The EMEC EXPO serves as the yearly gathering for global experts in E-Marketing, E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing.


The EMEC EXPO will provide you with

Knowledge Collaborations In person Meetings Networking |

EMEC EXPO is the meeting place for digital marketing experts, e-commerce entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, media buyers and decision-makers of the digital world.

The event is based on the exhibition/congress concept and will bring together, for 3 days, entrepreneurs, experts and decision-makers who will come to share innovations, the latest trends, their knowledge and their feedback during conferences, workshops and networking sessions.

Exceptional Networking

EMEC Expo is the established event where e-marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing industry leaders meet each year.

In person Meetings Experts

Being in an industry that literally operates online, EMEC Expo is an opportunity for leaders to meet in person.

Exchange Knowledge

Interacting with exhibitors and participating in conferences are great opportunities to discover new trends in e-marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

Collaborations & Deals

In a growing market, EMEC EXPO is not only a hub for commercial transactions between visitors and exhibitors, but also between exhibitors.

#EMECEXPO The fastest growing E-Marketing, E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing event

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Affiliate Marketing

EMEC EXPO is the ultimate platform for idea-sharing, mutual learning and networking.

Save the date for the forthcoming 4th edition of EMEC EXPO scheduled for September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2024.

EMEC EXPO is the fastest-growing event in E-Commerce, E-Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

EMEC EXPO is held annually and it is the top professional gathering for exhibitors and attendees.

EMEC EXPO is fostering connections between online service providers and e-merchants, as well as businesses using digital marketing services to boost their activities.

Sectors of EMEC EXPO

Digital Marketing Strategies

E-commerce Platforms and Solutions

Affiliate Marketing Networks

E-commerce Security and Privacy

E-Marketplace Innovations

Payment and Transaction Solutions

User Experience and Conversion Enhancement

Data Analytics and Insights

Logistics and Fulfillment Services

Emerging Technologies and Startups

Education and Skill Development

Industry Insights and Trends

Exhibitors categories

Digital Marketing

E-commerce Platforms and Solutions

Affiliate Marketing

E-Marketplace Solutions

Website Design and User Experience

Logistics and Shipping

Payment Solutions

Analytics and Data Insights

Innovations and Startups

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Visitors types

Digital Marketing Professionals

E-commerce Entrepreneurs and Retailers

Affiliate Marketers and Publishers

Tech Innovators and Startups

Business Owners and Managers

E-Marketplace Operators

Digital Payment and Fintech Professionals

Data Analysts and Insights Professionals

Logistics and Supply Chain Specialists

Cybersecurity and Privacy Advocates

Educators and Researchers

EMEC EXPO, spanning over three days, provides a diverse and compelling agenda for professional attendees, featuring conferences, business opportunities and networking activities.

The event's primary objective is to converge experts, solution providers and service providers from the realms of e-marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

It underscores the expo's significance as a pivotal junction for professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the latest products and innovations presented by industry leaders.